Luakit – The beautiful browser

Its not often you come across a piece of software that is truly amazing, today I found Luakit and it blew my mind.

I use vim at work and home all the time to do my text editing and have played around with a few vimish plugins/extensions/browsers before but have always found them in some respects lacking. Luakit feels however as if it was written for me, without even reading a guide an intermediate vim’er can effortlessly glide across pages with only the use of a keyboard.

If you plan to give luakit ago some helpful hints

  • Default configuration is stored /etc/xdg/luakit/ and should be copied to ~/.config/luakit/
  • o for open t for new tab
  • when opening or a new tab typing will search, leading with a search engines name will search using that service. ie : open wikipedia lua – will search for lua on wikipedia
  • pressing ‘f’ will highlight all the links on a page and allow you to follow them by typing the corresponding number.
  • Quickmarks – a common feature amoungst minimal browsers allows you to assign pages to certain buttons. To assign type ‘M’ followed by the key you wish to map the page to. Opening a quickmark is easy as go[MARK] to open in current tab and gn[MARK] for a new tab.

Here are the obligatory screen shots of luakit in action




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